Release Notes

My ToDo release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for platform releases, feature releases and bug fix releases.

My ToDo 4 release notes

My Todo 4.2.4 Release Summary

  • Fixed creation index in database

My Todo 4.2.3 Release Summary

  • Mobx versions conflict bug fixed

  • Issue creation from todo item dialog bug fixed

My Todo 4.2.0 Release Summary

  • Bug fixes and ToDo panel

My Todo 4.1.8 Release Summary

  • Fixed all done condition

My Todo 4.1.7 Release Summary

  • Jira Data Center compatibility

My Todo 4.1.6 Release Summary

  • Old todo field items not shown after version migration bug fixed

My Todo 4.1.5 Release Summary

  • Task creation from todo item feature added

  • Todo list render performance improved

  • Todo list exports views fixed

  • Todo field default value settings bug fixed

  • Detailed view issue on kanban board fixed

  • Todo items validation improved

My Todo 4.1.2 Release Summary

  • Fixed statuses bug on create dialog issue

  • Hided statuses icon on the default config page

  • Changed toggles in todo list admin config on customized checkboxes

  • Added permission configuration

  • Fixed todo failed with anon users bug

  • Added simple workaround for todo list bug with quick insert menu

  • Fixed console error with parsing todo empty string data on create issue dialog form

My Todo 4.1.0 Release Summary

  • Inline editing

  • User Mentions by @

  • Dates inclusion by //

  • Web-links inclusion by / or command+k

  • Multi-lines by shift+enter

  • Status admin panel moved to project configuration

My Todo 4.0.4 Release Summary

  • Minor bug fixes

My Todo 4.0.3 Release Summary

  • Jira Data Center support

My Todo 4.0.1 Release Summary

  • We completely redesigned the plugin interface following the latest trends dictated by Atlassian products.

  • For your convenience, working with checklists, we added "Drag and Drop". Just drag the item above if it seems more important to you.

  • JQL-functions for searching issues with your checklists: allItemsDone(), allItemsUndone(), todoItem("»).

  • Validators for workflows: «all done validator», «all items are without status», «all items have status validator», "all mandatory done validator».

  • ToDo's are now displayed on scrum and kanban boards in Issue Detail View.

  • Now the statuses are visible in Confluence when using a JIRA issue filter.

  • Bug: Manage Status Long Page Load - Fixed.

  • Bug: When exporting issues from Jira, now the checklist is displayed correctly.

My ToDo 3 release notes

My Todo 3.0.10 Release Summary

  • Change payment model

My Todo 3.0.2 Release Summary

  • Jira issue with todo list custom field now correctly displayed in Confluence

  • Jira issue with todo list custom field now correctly exports in Jira

My Todo 3.0.0 Release Summary

  • Jira 8 compatible release


My ToDo 2 release notes

My Todo 2.0.18 Release Summary

  • Bug fix release

My Todo 2.0.17 Release Summary

  • Bug fix default and empty value

My Todo 2.0.16 Release Summary

  • Today you can set special custom collections of statuses for each project or custom todo field.

  • Also we have added mandatorily options: For Example, you can check todo to complete, if one of required options in ToDo is not resolved, issue cannot be resolved too.

  • Additional options to configure ToDo: - Nobody can modify ToDo List if default value is set (true/false)- Only reporter can modify ToDo List (true/false)- Show ToDo Lists on activity issue tab (true/false)- Show ToDo Lists panel on issue page (true/false)

My Todo 2.0.15 Release Summary

  • Fix clearing statuses and adding default values for custom field

My Todo 2.0.14 Release Summary

  • Bug fix column view for ToDo custom field

My Todo 2.0.13 Release Summary

  • Bug fix removing items in Firefox

My Todo 2.0.12 Release Summary


My ToDo 1 release notes

My Todo Release Summary

  • Revival of phoenix

My Todo Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.5.x

  • Fix display in Confluence

My Todo Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.4.x

My Todo Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.3.x

My Todo Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.2.x

My Todo Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.1.x

  • New ToDo rendering

My Todo Release Summary

  • Use default Jira styles with plugin

My Todo 1.9.9 Release Summary

  • Support Jira 7.x

My Todo 1.9.8 Release Summary

  • Support Jira 6.4.x

My Todo 1.9.7 Release Summary

  • Support 6.3

My Todo 1.9.6 Release Summary

  • Fix lucene version (indexing bug)

My Todo 1.9.5 Release Summary

  • Add issue tab panel - ToDo Lists Activity. This optional issue tab displays all field activity.

My Todo 1.9.4 Release Summary

  • Add German language

My Todo 1.9.3 Release Summary

  • Support old Jira

  • Fix searchers

My Todo 1.9.2 Release Summary

  • Support Jira 6.1

  • Required field feature

My Todo 1.9.1 Release Summary

  • Fix bug if there are few todo lists on edit screen

  • Add tooltips to buttons "Add", "Edit" and "Remove".

My Todo 1.9 Release Summary

  • Add ToDo list all done validator and ToDo list all done condition;

  • Documentation updated

My Todo 1.8 Release Summary

  • Support permissions and bug fixes

My Todo 1.7 Release Summary

  • Support permissions

  • Fix JS bugs

  • Jira 6.x supported

My Todo 1.6 Release Summary

  • Added custom field searcher. Now you can search issues with todo item and item and status. For example, project = AAA and cf = a of project = AAA and cf = a:false.

My Todo 1.5 Release Summary

  • Add ability to edit ToDo value

My Todo 1.4 Release Summary

  • As a user I want plugin to update a custom field list for existent issues when adding or deleting values from custom field default value - fixed

  • As a user I want to bulk edit custom field list using Jira bulk edit - fixed

  • It is not possible to delete just added ToDo item on create issue page - fixed

My Todo 1.3 Release Summary

  • Fix History view for field

  • Add ability to set default ToDo list from default value configuration

My Todo 1.2 Release Summary

  • Add ability to set template to default value. Example, set [{"id":"aa1","type":"done"},{"id":"bb2","type":"todo"}] to default value and use it as template.

    The general format is: [{"id":"item_N","type":"done|todo"}, ...]

My Todo 1.1 Release Summary

  • Stable release

My Todo 1.0 Release Summary

  • Add ToDo field